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Sewing love!

jamie letters

Jamie’s starting to put the letters of his name in the right order so I made him these little fabric letters to help him along.

Plus it gave me a chance to do a little sewing project, which I find sooooo relaxing!

I really should learn how to work my (extremely basic) sewing machine, but there’s something really satisfying about sewing by hand, and the more hand-made it looks the better, as I…

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The importance of taking time out

The importance of taking time out

santa pau mirror

Goofy family picture before we set off for our long walk through the hills

Leonie Dawson is always talking about working smarter not harder.

She works 3 hours a day and has such a beautifully thriving business.  I love this advice!

Identify areas in your business or life you where you can improve your time management or productivity and this has nothing to do with working until midnight every…

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3 Ordinary Things Worth Celebrating

3 Ordinary Things Worth Celebrating


Linking in with the lovely The Petit Cadeau and Joyful Roots blogs for a community blog tour of everyday things worth celebrating.  Hooray!

Here’s my  list of 3 out-of-the-ordinary things I believe are worth celebrating: Stay tuned for further installments, I have many more items to add!

1.  Getting old.

A lot of people in the world don’t get that privilege. I’ll worry about potential ill-health…

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11 quotations to make you feel rosy

11 quotations to make you feel rosy

dr seuss intrepid

I love collecting, all the more so when it consists of items which can be documented on paper rather than physical objects – not so messy or space-consuming!

I’ve been collecting quotations and paragraphs that jump out at me from books, magazines, songs and overheard conversations since the age of 14.  I have them all documented in notebooks and scrapbooks, which are great to look back on.…

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How we spend our days is how we spend our lives

How we spend our days is how we spend our lives

flower hair woman edited 1

I LOVE this quote by Annie Dillard that I saw on Create and Thrive blog.  See this post for advice about how to live your ideal day every day. As soon as I write this I’m going to sit down and work out what my ideal day would look like, in a realistic manner!!

And how are you this fine Thursday morn?  Here the sun is shining, I´ve bought myself a gorgeous white hyacinth (so cheap and so…

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